Online Testing For Business

"I asked walk-in candidates to take screening tests on SkillSign from cafeteria on smartphones. No blocking of rooms, no paper hassles, no cheating."

-- Rahul Verghese, Multinational Software company, Chandigarh

 Pre-Hire Assessment

Online or paper based, proctored or unsupervised, SkillSign handles all.

 Campus Recruitment

Simultaneous tests for 100s of candidates on smart devices or in SkillSign secure desktop environment.

 Employee Skill Assessment

Use our large portfolio of tests or build your own to review employee performance.


SkillSign helps you in accurate selection of candidates. Using our state-of-the-art online testing platform, you can quickly identify right candidates. You can save your organization's time and money, and reduce the hiring bias with SkillSign. Whether you need a complete industry-tested assessment solution or you have your own proprietary content looking for a robust and secure testing platform, SkillSign is there for you. Please email us at for more details.


SkillSign for Campus Recruitments

How it Works

Before Event

  • Questions are uploaded on the central server in advance.
  • Tests are created and checked before the event.
  • Users can either be created in advance or they can be asked to register at the time of event.
  • All client machines are installed with SkillSign Secure Environment, 1 day before.
  • Internet connectivity is checked in advance.

On Event Day

  • Test supervisors logon to client machines and switch on the secure environment.
  • Users login and take test.
  • Results are stored in central server and are available immediately to test supervisors.
  • Reports can be checked and printed if needed.
  • Data is archived for future reference.

What is SkillSign Secure Environment ?

SkillSign secure environment is an application, which is installed to control the client machine on which a test is being taken. Once the Secure Environment is switched on, candidate cannot switch on any other application like Chat, Internet, Calculator etc. Only test window is shown and any other short cut keys like Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+Tab are blocked.