Online Testing For Education and Training

"I can now provide multiple practice tests for SCJP certification to my students without worrying about time and cost."

-- Chandan Kumar, IT training Center, Bangalore


 Highly Customizable

Supports all types of questions formats, provides custom grading scheme and certificates.

 Save Time

Have more time for teaching. Save upto 80% time in delivering quizzes and tests.

 Build Question Bank

Automatically build question bank and reuse them multiple times.


SkillSign is a very easy-to-setup and student friendly testing platform for any assessment requirements. You can create practice tests, feedback tests, surprise quizzes and certification exams in minutes. No technical expertise needed.

We will help you quickly move your existing content and reports from paper or any outdated platform to online SkillSign test academy of your own. Please email us at for more details.